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Coaching Notes

Our Coaching Notes library is divided into seven sections, all of which you are welcome to explore. The authors are Neil Hardie, Juan Roberson, Alison Sharpe, Michael Strickland. Please click on the links below to go to the appropriate area -

Section 1:  Beginner Course Notes (NH)

Section 2: Beginner Skill development (CNSW)

Section 3:  Notes on Tactics (NH)

Section 4:  First thoughts on Bronze skills and tactics(JR,AS,MS))

Section 5: Further thoughts on Bronze skills and tactics(JR,AS,MS)

Section 6: Bisque strategies (NH)

Section 7:  Members Tips

Members who have a tip to contribute can do so by logging in to the Members' Area and selecting the 'Contribute a tip' link.

Neil Hardie's "Notes for Referees" can can be downloaded here