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Transitioning from Golf Croquet to Association Croquet

Introduction Most clubs teach Golf Croquet to their new members. Cammeray is primarily an Association Croquet Club, and we are keen to see the number of croquet players who play Association increase. There is no doubt that it can be more difficult to learn to play, but it is worth the effort. The basic skills – hitting a ball straight, running a hoop – are the same, but Association introduces the croquet shot (which after all is how the sport got its name!). And the tactics are more complex as there is a need to plan several shots ahead with all the balls able to be used by the striker.

Our Transition Course If you are enjoying playing Golf Croquet at your club but would like to investigate the potential that Association Croquet might have to further develop your skills and expand your Croquet horizons we would love to hear from you. We have a transition course where we will take you through the various croquet shots (take-offs and rolls) and, through guided practice games, develop your ability to plan ahead and then execute that plan with the balls ending up exactly where you wanted them. The course is typically run over 6 playing sessions each of 2 hours with some instruction, some practce and a lot of actual games. If you are intersted,simply fill in the form below and we will get in touch when the next course is about to begin. The cost is $60 If you decide you like AC and would like to have more opportunities to play than your current club can provide you will always ways be welcome to play at any of our AC sessions at Cammeray for a lawn fee of $5. If you want to take it even further you would be very welcome to become a member of Cammeray, in which case the course fee would be deducted from your first year of membership.

Mentoring We also have a mentoring program and opportunities for coaching.

Want to give it a go? Please enter your contact details in the spaces on the Application for GC-AC Transition Training Course form below. Your name, email address and phone number(s) enable us to contact you beore and during the course.

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Click the 'Send' button when you have completed the form. This will send the form as an email to our Secretary, who will arrange for one of our trainers to contact you and explain what happens next.