Cammeray Croquet Club

Becoming a Croquet Player

Introduction if you are interested in finding out about playing Croquet please read through this page and fill out the on-line Application for Training form below. Once we receive your form we will contact you. If you wish, one of our trainers can meet you at the club to give you a brief introduction to the game, and will explain what’s involved in learning how to play.

Beginners Classes If you wish to proceed, we can put your name on the waiting list for the next planned series of lessons, and we will contact you when we are ready to start a course. This is usually every few months. The training sessions usually last 2 hours and are held on Saturday mornings at 9.00am, or Wednesday afternoons at 2.00pm. These are usually separate courses. The formal course takes 6 weeks. The cost is $60 for the full course. We supply all equipment, including mallets – all you need are some soft-soled shoes, such as joggers.

Club Membership When you have successfully completed the training, you may apply to join the club. The annual subscription is $200, which includes affiliation with Croquet NSW. You will receive a key to the premises which will allow you to enter the club and set up the lawns for play. This will enable you to practise by yourself, or with others, at any time when the lawns are not otherwise allocated. These times are published on the website. You may also join in and play with other groups at a similar level to yourself. As a member, you pay a $4 lawn fee each time you play at the club, with a maximumbut of $12 per week. Evening games under floodlights are also possible for $0 extra. Free coffee and tea are available for members in the kitchenette.

Mentoring It is usual that, even when the formal course has been successfully completed, the new player is given continuing assistance in getting a feel for the game. There are regular supervised sessions twice a week, and you are welcome to come along, where you can be assisted with the various croquet strokes and some of the techniques of play. You may also play a game with others, and be guided when needed in some of the strategies. It’s a great way to increase your proficiency so that you enjoy the game more and more. At this stage, you may hire a club mallet for $10 a month until you are ready to purchase your own. A good basic mallet, the only personal equipment you will need to play the game, costs about $200

Ready to take the plunge? Please enter your contact details in the spaces on the Application for Training form below. Your name, email address and phone number(s) enable us to contact you beore and during the course.

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Click the 'Send' button when you have completed the form. This will send the form as an email to our Secretary, who will arrange for one of our trainers to contact you and explain what happens next.